A list of reflective questions to use with your team

When working with your team, its necessary for you to reflect on your work regularly. Here is a list of reflective questions you can use:

A list of Reflective questions

Answer the questions first by yourself. Then share your answers with the team, do you agree or disagree?

Can you state the purpose of this group as well as the routines and procedures?
Do people on the team know who you are and what you have to offer?
Do you feel like a valued member of the team with equal voice?

Are you clear on why you are a member of this team and what part you play?
Do you feel that someone needs to tell the team what to do?
Is there confusion about goals, roles, timelines, or tasks?

Are there disagreements within or outside of meeting times?
Are people choosing sides or forming cliques?
Are some people just doing their own thing?

Is there intolerance for different opinions?
Is leadership shared among members?
Is the team focused on the quality of their work and communication?

Do people trust each other?
Are you honest with your team members?
Does the dialogue follow the guidelines of voicing, listening, suspending and respecting?

Are you proud of the quality of work your team produces?
Is the team analyzing their work and learning from their mistakes?
Is the team dedicated to helping each other learn and grow?

Are conflicts handled in respectful and helpful ways?
Are you celebrating your success regularly?

a list of Reflective questions